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We can but hope.

Maybe we could throw corrupt MP's to the polar bears?
Well we have the first stiffs of common sense amongst the shit of MP sleaze.

Tales that HMRC might be looking at some of the dubious shifting of allowances in order to avoid taxes, a start but no where near enough.

I for one would like to see them charged with theft, fraud and for dozens of grafting MP's to lose their seats. Not only that but to see their assets seized in a similar way as that which happened to fishermen.
Imagine the scene as an MP sees his or her property portfolio built up over years of grafting being taken and them along with the hogging family being turfed out onto the street.

Then when homeless, jobless and cast adrift by their former parties they try to claim dole. Only to be told that as they have assets - albeit frozen - that they do not even qualify for JSA.

Screw it, feed the cunts to the polar bears I say.
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2 people have spoken:

John A Thomson said...

I'm phoning the Polar Bear Protection League to report your plan to feed them toxic meat! The poor polar bears will need a lot of Gaviscon with that meal!

Fidothedog said...

True but the pleasure of watching piggy MP's bleating "Don't you know who I am!" to a hungry bear would be worth it.