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More theft: Mark Todd claimed for designer marble table!

Mr Todd told his local newspaper this week that he was “surprised” by some of the items claimed by his fellow parliamentarians using public money.
But his file, seen by The Daily Telegraph, shows taxpayers funded a refurbished kitchen and bathroom at his London flat, and furniture including leather chairs and a marble table.

Has he been telling porkies? Well he is an MP so you decide on that one.

He claims the second home allowance on a two-bedroom flat near Westminster that he has owned since 2003. He also earns £12,500 a year renting out another flat nearby.

He claims mortgage interest payments of less than £300 a month, but has still spent close to the full additional costs allowance.

In 2005-06 he was repaid £7,644.52 for replacing radiators, and tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.

The following financial year he claimed a further £4,964 for new kitchen surfaces, £889.15 on lighting, £1,089 for a new sink, £2,169 for new oak doors, £813 for replacement carpet, £820 for curtains and blinds and £1,085 for a bed and mattress.

In 2007-08, his claims included £600 for four “black leather dining chairs” which had cost him £760 and £600 of the £1,690 cost of a white marble dining table by Finnish designer Eero Saarinen. He also claimed £100 of the £149 cost of a Gaggia coffee maker.

He has not claimed any further redecoration or furniture since September 2007. In total, he claimed £24,877 for fitting out the flat between 2004-05 and 2007-08.

Be-fecking-Jesus wept! What a thieving cunny this chap is. Oak bastard doors no less, fucking oak! A bastard coffee maker and fucking who knows what else this champagne swilling cunt has been thieving - an theft it is - off of your tax money.

None of this is needed for him to do his job as an MP, expenses should be there to cover the basic costs like travel, not for bastard designer tables.  

2 people have spoken:

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Looking through your various postings, I can't help but see the similarity between Great Britain and the U.S. when it comes to crooked greedy politicians. Now, I don't know how things work there, but in the U.S. it does no good to vote any more, because no matter which party we vote in, they all screw the hell out of us in the end, Each new administration just picks up where the other left off. They tax the crap out of us while exempting themselves. Jerk offs like Obama tell the people that only the rich will have their taxes raised, then they allow the rich to pass their tax increase off on the rest of us. Who do pass it off on?

Now it seems that butt f--king fags, muff diving lesbians and child molesters are the only ones with rights and freedoms, and now we are being told that the Conservative Republican party NEEDS to become more like the liberal Democrats in order to win. That means that we are being pushed into a communistic one party system, like it or not.

Fidothedog said...

Yep we have blue labour and red labour, scum all of them.