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Jacqui Smith is an evil cunt: Accused of allowing the torture of Jamil Rahman.

From the Redditchadvertiser....HOME Secretary and town MP Jacqui Smith is being sued by a British man who claims she allowed his torture while he was being held on suspicion of terrorism in Bangladesh.

Jamil Rahman, a civil servant who grew up in Wales, claims he was interrogated by MI5 officers in between beatings by Bangladesh security forces.

Mr Rahman said he gave false confessions, including one that he masterminded the 2005 terror attacks on London.

He said he was detained in 2005 by a Bangladeshi intelligence agency and was stripped and beaten. He alleges he made the false confession before being questioned by two men who said they were from MI5.

Mr Rahman claims he told them the confessions were false, the men took a break, then he was beaten again before questioning resumed.

He was eventually released but was questioned several more times over the next two years by both MI5 officers and Scotland Yard detectives.
Mr Rahman is now suing in relation to assault, unlawful arrest and false imprisonment.

His lawyers claim to have evidence including eye witness testimony and medical information.

The Home Office said his legal team had written to Ms Smith and the government would respond in due course and a spokesman added that British security forces “neither condone nor use torture” 

- An official added that we let third world toilet nations security forces torture away and whilst claiming to disagree with torture we are quite happy for them to do said work on our behalf. 

A hat tip to flyingwarpigs for the story.

Bollocks, I know its on the sidebar but shall give this a repost.

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Anonymous said...

Stealing and torture. No honour, no credbility and despised by everyone. How much worse can this woman get? Is she ever going to get the message and leave?

Is that fat shit Gordon obliged to do something? Un-fucking-believable!

Old Bag said...

cry baby: indeed. as everyone knows, jackboots is a troughing cunt, as like all pigs, have thick skin..so any insults and slurs bounce off her porcine skin. which is a shame...she probley has no idea everyone thinks she is a CUNT.

Doc Thumper said...

Fucking evil bitch should be horsewhipped. No wonder her poor hubby has to watch porn - its the only way he can get turned on.