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MP's attempt to cover up expenses - again.

THE House of Commons has decided to censor some of the most important details of MPs’ expenses claims due to be published this summer.

The Commons fees office has told members that the only details of their expenses to be published will be the date of the claim, what was claimed for and the identity of suppliers of office goods.

Some backbench MPs were on “suicide watch” because of concerns that the expenses might show double claims for hotel rooms, exposing extra marital affairs.

MPs are now likely to be told that they are allowed to delete details of hotel stays if the names of the hotels have not been blanked out by officials.

MP's really don't understand the anger over this. They want our votes then carry on hogging everything they can from the system, employ their inbred web fingered relations in non jobs along with the rest of the family.

Then wonder why so many fail to vote and treat them with nothing but contempt. As for those on suicide watch, fuck 'em. If they were that concerned about having affairs exposed they should keep their genitals in their trousers. Why should we the taxpayers pay for MP's to go shafting at night?

Maybe control their baser urges an rent a porn film or two, oh hang on maybe thats not such a good idea...

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