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Nigel Griffiths - Its not just his wife he is cheating..

Screwing the taxpayer as well as his whore....
The former minister and close friend of Gordon Brown also argued that a flat-screen television was the best option because he lived in a “cramped flat”.

Therefore according to that logic, I can also have a flat screen telly as I live in a small flat as well. Brilliant, oh hang on I am not a grasping MP, so no.

When his £3,604.99 claim for a television, DVD and digital radio was queried, he wrote: “As a Scottish MP, I can only keep in touch with events during the day, which might affect my constituents, by tuning into the Scottish radio stations which the digital set provides.

“Likewise, I record the Scottish TV news and Scottish current affairs programmes, which feature issues in Scotland and in south Edinburgh. In a cramped London flat, flat-screen TV is the sensible option.”

Unimpressed, the fees office wrote back four days later to tell him it had not changed its mind: “Whilst we understand your explanation for the need for the purchase of these items, it is the level of your purchases that remains under question. “An amount of £3,604.99 is not considered to be an appropriate use of public funds when other more reasonably priced options are available.”

Mr Griffiths was asked to contact the director of operations if he wanted to argue the matter further. He did not do so. In November 2004, the MP successfully claimed £9,250 to redecorate the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom in his London flat, £220 for a carpet and £230 for pots and kitchen utensils.

Six months later, he claimed again for redecoration and was reimbursed by the fees office for £4,911. Mr Griffiths redecorated a third time in 2006 and charged the taxpayer £3,310, which was approved.

Nigel shagging in The Commons.

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subrosa said...

He should be charged wit fraud. I wouldn't place any bets that he didn't have his one bedroomed shack decorated every six months.

subrosa said...

Ooops with not wit of course :)