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Paul Flynn - Defending theft.

From Paul Flynn's webshyte:
The daily pummeling of MPs emotions continues without mercy.

Good, trusted friends are disgraced. The fear of unfair smears from the Telegraph is ever present. There is laughter at the ridiculous claims on duck islands and moats. The shock at the chutzpah effrontery of the mad claims is breathtaking. Real too is the enjoyable Schandenfreude at the downfall of the crooks. Uppermost at the moment is a sense of injustice at the smearing of some of our best MPs.
Oh boo fucking hoo. Fuck off Flynn, seriously just fuck off.

Oh come on, sense of injustice. On the one hand we have a system that says to the poor if you take benefits and work the state will fine you, give you a criminal record as well as cutting off said benefits. 

However if you are one of the elected scum with the prefix Rt Hon., you can put your wages in the bank, leave that untouched, whilst claiming everything back. Claim travel, food, hotel stays, utility bills and even have your poll tax paid. 

In real terms, an MP pays less tax than the cleaner who works in their house - true that cleaner is often a relative of the MP and their wage is also claimed back from the taxpayers.

Let me give an example of why I class the system as corrupt, wrong in every aspect and why I call every MP a thief deserving only of the gallows.

When I worked in Cardiff, I had to pay my own trainfare - no taxpayer freebie for me. 
I had to buy my own meals - no taxpayer freebie for me.
(No subsidized beer in the canteen either, unlike The Commons.)
I had to pay my poll tax - no taxpayer freebie for me.
I had to fund all my utility bills - no taxpayer freebie for me.

Another example here is this: if we are given perks in lieu of salary, the taxman insists we should pay tax on them. Unless you happen to be an MP that is, after all these scum make the rules.
In Section 292 of the Income Tax (Pensions and Earnings) Act 2003 is a clause headed "Overnight expenses allowances of MPs". This rules that there should be "no liability for income tax" for MPs on the "overnight expenses allowances" given for the "purpose of performing their parliamentary duties".
Its also up to the elected hoon to decide how loosely this should be interpreted.

In my case I am plodding along paying bills, my better half was not working at this time, she was also unable to claim - due to a cock up over her stamp. As my wage was just by a few quid about that for tax credits, it was no help for me. 

So lets see, an elected hoon gets £64K a year and claims back all costs and doesn't even need to pay their own telephone bill any more. Yet someone on £250(ish depending on overtime etc) a week has to pay the fucking lot thank you very kindly.

Whats worse we here that MP's want more cunting money as they can not live on a piss poor £64K a year! Maybe that explains the fucking disaster that this shower of cunts have made of matters fiscal if that is the case.

Sympathy for MP's, fuck em. If the cunts are on suicide watch, let them die. Hopefully slowly and in great fucking pain, cunts one and all.

Burn the House of Commons to the ground, with all the MP's in and lets start again.

Paul Flynn claimed £7,052 for new kitchen, £1,153 carpets and £1,200 decoration for his London property in 2005, before selling it and moving to a new £275,000 flat. Claims £9,629 in stamp duty and fees
Mortgage interest £215.00, Utilities Water 26.07, Electricity £27,00, Council Tax £89.33, Television service £16.50.

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