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Piss poor PM Gordon Brown throws toys out of pram.

From the Mail...Embattled Gordon Brown's state of mind is under further scrutiny after it was revealed that he had a tantrum during a series of tough television interviews in No10.

The Prime Minister had to be calmed down by Business Secretary Peter Mandelson after erupting in a series of off-camera clashes with broadcast journalists.

Lord Mandelson soothed a raging Mr Brown and reassured him: 'Gordon, calm down, calm down. It's a bank holiday weekend. You can have a rest.'

The extraordinary scene unfolded after Mr Brown's frustration boiled over in five tense interviews on Thursday. Viewers could clearly see the signs of strain. But the moment the cameras stopped, he lost his temper and:

• Told one journalist: 'You are impugning my integrity.'
• Ripped off his microphone twice and threw it down.
• Walked out at one point and said: 'I need a break.'
• Threatened another reporter: 'I will be watching your broadcast very closely.'

According to one source, Lord Mandelson - who has been drafted in to No10 to help the Prime Minister's desperate fight for survival - 'put a proverbial arm round Mr Brown's shoulder' and told him to keep a cool head and not to respond to attempts to provoke him.


2 people have spoken:

Dazed and Confused said...

"I'll be watching your broadcasts very closely" - said the one eyed control freek of the new Soviet republic of Britanistan.

This cunt just doesn't get the fact that he is utterly loathed by everyone outside his own Commie inner circle. Perhaps the forthcoming elections in June will awaken his one eyed reality.

Fidothedog said...

Sadly reality is lost on him.