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Labour filth ministers spend £30,000 of our money on how not to answer questions.

Hoons take our money to spend on learning how not to answer the very questions we pay them a wage for....Ministers have spent £30,000 learning how to handle tough questions from interviewers.

Culture Secretary Andy Burnham is among those who have signed up for the ‘media training’ sessions, at a cost of up to £3,000 a time.

The sessions are usually conducted by broadcast journalists, who advise Ministers on body language, clothes, haircuts and tone of voice, and suggest devious strategies for dodging killer questions, such as continuing to answer a different question until the interviewer gives up.

According to figures released by the Government, Health Minister Lord Darzi spent the most on media training, claiming £11,000 for five sessions. Mr Burnham spent £1,986 on two sessions.

Conservative frontbencher Grant Shapps said: ‘The public shouldn’t be expected to fork out cash for Ministers to be taught how to spin their way out of trouble on TV.’

He is one for the hoon to spin his way out of, why did he vote against the Gurkha's being allowed to settle here in the UK? His no vote is here.

Labour the party that lays on a private jet for a terrorist Binyam Mohamed who has no legal ties to the UK, from Club Gitmo(cost £250,000); yet treats Gurkha's no better than an illegal migrant who has come into the UK hanging on the top of Eurostar.

Some more on this tedious wanker Burnham who leaves documents on the train...

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