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SIBA - Nothing, repeat nothing to do with Simon Buckley.

SIBA gets tough on rustlers

SIBA, the Sheep Institute of Breeding Association have decided to get tough on those members who are caught rustling and a certain outspoken member from West Wales who was caught using other members sheep has been expelled from the organisation.

Using the Father Ted defence, he stated that the sheep were merely resting at his farm after being found wandering throughout Wales and denied rumours that the huge pile of other SIBA members sheep alongside his farm was "the largest man-made object to be seen from space".

"My family have been heavily involved in sheep since the 18th Century and we are doing the other breeders a favour by collecting their sheep from pubs and storing them at our farm. The other breeders should look on this as a great service that I do for them and worship me as much as I worship myself every opportunity I have".

A spokesman for SIBA, said, " Good riddance to bad rubbish, expelling him from our organisation after he broke the rules regarding rustling other members sheep was the only thing we could do. Anyone else would regard being thrown out of the leading trade organisation for sheep breeders as a disgrace, not as a mark of pride".

As a tribute to the disgraced rustler one Carmarthenshire brewer named a beer in his honour, calling it Richard Cranium.

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