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Speaker Michael Martin: £1,400 on chauffeurs to his local job centre and Celtic Park.

Uber hog Martin blowing yet more cash.....Mr Martin spent more than £1,400 with a Scottish chauffeur hire company in 2004-05. He used it on 12 occasions.

The claims show that on July 23 2004 Mr Martin took a chauffeur-driven car to Springburn Job Centre. The charge for the eight-hour day was £173.90 for a 40-mile round-trip.

The visits during that year also included three journeys to social housing projects in the city.
They included a trip on September 10 2004 to North Glasgow Housing Association. Overall the 32-mile journey took three-and-half hours and cost £97.62.

On another occasion, Mr Martin took a car to John Smith House, the head office of the Labour Party in Glasgow. The driver waited outside, and eventually billed Mr Martin for £64.11.
Mr Martin was also driven by the company from his home, via Celtic Park – where the driver waited – and on to the Glasgow Hilton, at a cost of £100.53 on March 6 2004.

Give MP's a fucking basic rail card/bus pass an let them travel with the people.

In one year – 2007-08 – he charged £2,200 for his food, including £1,050 in July, August and September 2007, when for the most part MPs are not meant to be claiming on their second home.

The Speaker also charged new "Aristocrat" carpets to the taxpayer, costing £1,834, at his constituency home in Glasgow as well as another £1,490 on the cost of redecorating a room.
Mr Martin left the taxpayer with a Rentokil bill for nearly £3,000 and charged for a £285 rug, the claims show. He also claimed £200 for employing someone to tidy his garden and £205 for gutter cleaning.

Because he needs £2,200 on food to stop himself wasting away like an Ethiopian, along with luxury carpets, a fancy rug and folk to clean the garden.

After all without these essentials how is a Speaker supposed to conduct the business of the House?
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John A Thomson said...

You can't have the piggies mingling with normal folk! They're liable to start dipping pockets or grabbing handbags and purses.

Fidothedog said...

Or digging up corpses for the gold teeth.