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Kevin Brennan MP -Labour Cardiff West - £450 television on expenses.

Kevin Brennan unable to do his job with a £450 television thanks to the hard working taxpayers....
Challenged by The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Brennan, the charities minister, said that he liked to support "local businesses when convenient," even though the Toshiba television was bought from an online retailer rather than a store near his Cardiff home.

It was one of at least four purchases which receipts show were bought by the MP in shops in his Cardiff constituency, or were delivered to his family home there, and claimed back on his additional costs allowance.

Under the rules the allowance was supposed to be confined to spending on his London home. All of the items, including a £49.94 Linda Barker Monkey Tail cutlery set, IKEA furnishings and crockery from Next, were bought from large national chains, and not local businesses.

The House of Commons fees office, which is supposed to police the use of the allowance, did not query the receipts. The claims were paid in full.

Mr Brennan has denied that the television and other purchases were for use in the family home he shares with his wife, Cathy, in the Canton area of the city.

He said: "I always support local businesses when convenient. I can confirm that any items claimed, wherever purchased or delivered, were for exclusive use in my London home, and the publication of any inference to the contrary would be an unfounded smear."

Yet this dickhead misses totally the vital point that we the taxpayers are pissed at his getting a telly be that for his first, second or even his office at the taxpayers expense. He has a wage, he should get his viewing pleasure from using that, not theft from the taxpayer.
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2 people have spoken:

John A Thomson said...

To be fair, it isn't just this dickhead, it is all the little piggies who've missed the point of the public outrage!

As Kenny Everett used to say,
"Round them all up, put them in a field and bomb the bastards!"

Fidothedog said...

John I want my taxpayer funded perks!!!!!