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Steve McCabe -

Good stuff, a grasping penny stealing MP gets a good fucking over from the local paper....BIRMINGHAM MP Steve McCabe over-claimed £2,000 for a mortgage from Commons expenses four years ago, he has admitted.

The MP said he had made a mistake in his expenses claim, and agreed to pay the money back as soon as the error was spotted.

Mr McCabe (Lab, Hall Green), a Government whip, is highlighted in the latest round-up of expenses claims published by a national newspaper.

The Daily Telegraph said he had overclaimed on his mortgage by £4,059, but Mr McCabe said this figure was wrong.

He had in fact made a claim which was out by £2,000 after wrongly calculating the annual interest on his mortgage, when interest rates changed.
Lets hope the voters kick his arse out of The Commons and pick a better more honest MP.

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