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Tam Dalyell paid £7,800 for bookcases.

Tam wanted £18,000 for bookcases...Former Labour MP Tam Dalyell tried to claim an eye-watering £18,000 from the taxpayer for bookcases just two months before he retired from the Commons.

Incredibly he was unrepentant last night, insisting: 'I didn't want shoddy bookcases - I wanted good ones.'

Mr Dalyell, the former Father of the House, wanted to buy 12 designer shelving units for his massive 200-acre estate in Scotland where he had designated one room as his constituency office.

He insisted he had done nothing wrong..

Commons officials eventually agreed to pay £7,800 for the bookcases from John Lewis, according to leaked details of his expenses claims revealed last night.

Mr Dalyell defied public outrage and made a vigorous defence of his claims.

Asked whether the public had a right to be angry at his claims, he told Sky News: 'In the light of what I asked for, I don't think so.'

So he thinks getting £7,800 for bookcases is fine use of public finances does he? No wonder the economy is in a mess if he is a typical example of government thinking.
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3 people have spoken:

subrosa said...

Pompous oaf.

TheBigYin said...

He said on the news this morning he needed them to hold all his Hansard transcripts and felt that only quality bookcases would be able to take the strain. Fortunately the british public WILL NO LONGER take the strain of his, and his cohorts BULLSHIT!

Fidothedog said...

I will send Tam some Brasso for his brass neck.