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Tessa Jowell can take her apology and put that where the sun never shines.

(Tessa working hard for the 2012 Olympics, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
A bit late now to come apologising , 12 years late in fact......Tessa Jowell has become the first Cabinet Minister to make a grovelling public apology for the Government's shambolic record since Gordon Brown's dramatic drop in popularity.

The Olympics Minister, a close ally of Tony Blair, said 'sorry' for the Government's blunders in a speech to Labour activists in her South London constituency of Dulwich on Wednesday.

She said Labour's troubles should be blamed on its performance in Westminster, not at local level where it had 'fantastic' activists.

'This is a tough time for the Government,' said Ms Jowell. 'The problem is more in the Government and Westminster than out in the constituencies - the people we represent and our fantastic party activists.

'If you feel that we, the Government, fall short of what you expect then I say sorry for that. We will always work to meet the expectations and the promises that we made.'

Although Ms Jowell did not attempt to avoid responsibility for her own role in the Government, her remarks are in stark contrast to the Prime Minister's stance.

He has refused to apologise for Labour's conduct, instead blaming the recession on 'global factors'.

Oh fuck off Tessa, seriously you vote no on the Gurkha's, quite happy to suck Gordons fetid tool and see these fine men thrown out of the UK and think a half hearted apology will get the votes of the unwashed plebs.

Then the claim of bungs.....Labour has been plunged into a fresh storm after a leaked email suggested that Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell promised money from the 2012 Games in exchange for the selection of a family friend as a General Election candidate.

Previous bits on comrade Tess, who has shown her concern for the workers by travelling to see F1 racing in Brazil first class.

Comrade Tessa has shown herself a typical champagne socialist with her the so called Jowellgate sleaze story.

Tessa is known for her decisive decision making support local post offices and also voting to close them.

Sadly Tessa has not followed through on her pledge to former PM Tony Blair that she would "Jump under a bus for him.", still time to keep that promise love.

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