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Well done Mark Edwards

I like this one...Motorist Mark Edwards got his revenge on the council by paying a £50 parking fine with 5,000 one pence coins.

Traffic wardens slapped the ticket on Mark's motor while he was helping out at a charity night shelter.

But the driver, 47, from Ilford, East London, made life "as difficult as possible" for staff when he went to pay at Redbridge Council.

Brilliant, I shall be raising a glass to him later. Great stuff he paid his fine, under protest but he paid and paid in full.

3 people have spoken:

ConstantlyFurious said...

Hate to be a pedantic nerdy type, but every coin has a maximum amount above which it is not legal tender, and need not be accepted in payment.

For pennies, its 20 pence.

Shame the parking people didn't know that - they could have burst his sad little bubble and sent him to the cashpoint.

Fidothedog said...

Well he paid it in full, using legal tender so good on him I say.

John A Thomson said...

Surprising the jobsworths didn't know about the Coinage Act 1971, which as ConstantlyFurious rightly points out sets out rules for coins as legal tender.