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Check your paperwork comrades:

Pubs told to follow EU dictates...The warning comes from Trading Standards, who will be undertaking a survey of licensed premises and outdoor events to check premises are using the correct type of plastic glasses.

Draught products sold in plastic glasses must contain the legal markings — a CE mark, the letter M, a two digit year date and a four digit number showing the approving body.

Non-approved glasses are acceptable for drinks such as soft drinks, bottled drinks or alcohol poured from cans.

“Somerset County Council has seen an ongoing increase in the number of businesses using plastic glasses as a way to improve safety," said Howard Burnett, Somerset County Council’s Trading Standards manager.

"It is really important that consumers and businesses are aware of the correct glasses that should be used, so that people can be sure they are getting what they pay for.”

Businesses who are unsure of the detailed legal requirements of which glasses or measures should be used for serving alcohol can contact the Trading Standards team on the Business advice line, 01823 357 261.

Ah, another great benefit of joining the repressive EU.

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