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Will Pike - Ignored by government whilst terrorists are hugged.

Compare and contrast: 
A British man left in a wheelchair by injuries sustained during the Mumbai terror attacks is fighting to change the law after being told he does not qualify for compensation.
Five months after the atrocity which claimed the lives of more than 170 people, Will Pike and Kelly Doylesay they have been abandoned by the Government since they returned home.
Will, 29, will never walk again after falling as he tried to escape from a third-floor bedroom in the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.
And next up we have illegal migrant Binyam Mohamed, who has a cushy life of taxpayer benefits...
Now taxpayers face a massive bill for his new life on benefits.

Alleged torture victim Binyam Mohamed, 30, stepped off a twin-engined Gulfstream at an RAF base after more than six years as a US prisoner being held in Guantanamo Bay.

Accompanied on the flight by two Foreign Office officials, two Metropolitan Police officers and a doctor, Ethiopian Mohamed’s return to his adopted country cost an amazing £120,000.(A country he later chose to leave to fight jihad)

Last night, he was preparing to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK and receive a possible £21,600-a-year in benefits and allowances.

That’s around £5,000 more than earned by a frontline British soldier risking his life to fight Mohamed’s alleged Taliban associates in Afghanistan.

The former detainee, a failed asylum seeker who was once granted British resident status, may also try to sue the British Government for hundreds of thousands of pounds in damages.

Foreign Secretary David Miliband came under fire for saying he was “pleased” Mohamed – once accused of plotting terror attacks on New York – was back on British soil.
New Labour fucking over the natives for unwashed savages every time.

4 people have spoken:

subrosa said...

I can't express my disgust as how Mohamed is being feted by this government. The bloke's an illegal immigrant who has done absolutely nothing for this country and never well - oh except sue us of course.

Fidothedog said...

Yep, but he is the darling of the chattering classes who read the Guardian.

KG said...

Time to begin some carefully targeted killing.
Nothing else will fix this cesspit.

Old Bag said...

put it this way, they didnt keep that cunt mohamed locked up for nothing..and the incompetant nulabore fucktards let him live here. with every benefit going. because the poor likkle torrorist has been through so much and we dont want to be seen as unPC..no wonder we the laughing stock of the world.