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Law & Order in Soviet Britain: Craig Wass a victim of socialist engineering.

Remember when chuckles Blair stated with a gurning grin that he would be "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime"? 

Well after 12 years of socialist meddling, social engineering and all out destruction of our traditional values it has really worked out well:

The fiancee of a man who was beaten to death by thugs after asking them to be quiet today told how she watched him die in a pool of blood.

Andrea Grundy, 24, described the sickening moment Craig Wass was battered around the head with a brick, before slumping to the floor and dying in front of his family.

Mr Wass was attacked outside his home in the Loxley area of Sheffield in the early hours of Saturday night after he went to intervene in an argument between two groups.

Miss Grundy said: 'He was just stood there, trying to calm them down, telling them to go home. The next thing [a youth] threw a brick at his head.

'He turned back round and looked at me. [The youth] picked another brick up and hit him on the back of the head with it. I heard the brick hit him. His head was pouring with blood.

'His mum and sister picked him up and turned him over. I was screaming to the ambulance and police.

'I was screaming 'Craig, wake up, Craig, wake up'. He took his last two breaths and died.'

But worry not, the animals resonsible will do a few years in a communial hug prison all their needs covered by the state before being turned loose.

Meanwhile the champagne swilling socialst MP's resonsible for the decline of our nation sit around working out ever more way to fleece the expenses system, whilst building property portfolios at our expense.

Time to bring back the noose.

3 people have spoken:

Fausty said...

Had Mr Wass reported the problem to the police instead of addressing it directly, the police would probably have arrested him, along with the miscreants - to up their arrest rating. Had this not been the case, Wass might never have confronted these drunken thugs.

Fidothedog said...

Thats modern socialist policing for you.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly, who in their right mind goes out of their house at that time of night and confronts a group of youth's!!!
If these youths were such a danger to people, surely the police would have come and arrested them!
I happen to know all the people involved in this incident, and this situation is not pure black and white, the defendants are not the guilty one's in this!
The Wass family are known for being trouble causers and wanting to sort things out "their way" Thir way usually involves a golf club, or other weapons! Now if you read newspaper reports, it turns out that the deceased's sister was the one brandishing a golf club, so no it wasn't murder, it was self defense!