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Alan Meale spends more than £13,000 on gardening.

Labour MP Alan Meale and lookalike of League of Gentleman character Edward Tattsyrup, spent more than £13,000 on his garden in four years, billing the taxpayer for a new storage building, repairs to his fencing and gates, and bark to keep the weeds down.

Alan Meale, a former environment minister who represents Mansfield, also claimed reimbursement of a £2,000 bill from a "horticulturalist" to clear trees and shrubbery at his Nottinghamshire constituency home.

Other reimbursed expenses included more than £7,000 for redecorating the detached property, which he designated as his second home with the parliamentary authorities, and furnishing it with window shutters and new steps leading to his French doors.

His expenses claims show that he received more than £7,300 for decorating and repairing his constituency home.

He also received more than £4,700 of taxpayers' money for a new bathroom and shower tray and attempted to claim more than £3,200 for a new refrigerator and cooker, although he received only £1,200 from the fees office. Mr Meale also billed the taxpayer for the £1,480 cost of new steps "for french doorway" at his home and a £2,800 set of replacement shutters from the New England Shutter Company.

This odd looking chap is not killing strangers who dare to darken his door is he? After all if he is, then that would explain all the gardening work.

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