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Grasping scum fuck hoons - A round up of some MP's I missed earlier.

Some small hoons, 2nd rate troughligaters compared to Darling, Balls and even Cyclops.

First up is Rudi Vis who receives second home allowance and claims £2,300 a month interest on a mortgage he took out in 2006 on his constituency home. Says main home is in Suffolk. Love murdering scum like Che and Fidel.

Lynda Waltho claimed £1,680 for food in one year. Billed taxpayer for £472 bed, £81 sheets, towels and a pillow and £1,022 of electrical equipment. Also claimed for £380 armchair and £8.32 kettle. Voted to keep 2nd home allowance, ID cards and 42 days.

Joan Walley claimed for more than £4,400 of furniture in London flat in 2004-05 and a £195 blanket. In 2005-06, claimed for £1,199 LCD Sony television. Fees office cut bill to £750. Again likes ID cards and 42 days.

Bob Wareing claimed for more than £4,000 in food bills in 2004-05. Then claimed for £176 air conditioning unit, as well as a £19.99 kettle for his Westminster flat. Bob also loves Che and likes voting for the 2nd home allowance.

David Winnick claimed just £36,354 on his second homes allowance between 2004-8, then made a cunt of himself by voting for ID cards.

Alan Williams claimed just £5,221 on his second homes allowance in 2007/08, but voted for 42 days.

Betty Williams claimed mortgage interest payments of £519 per month on London flat. Also claimed service charge, utilities, telephone and food but made few other claims. She voted for 42 days and ID cards.

Phil Wilson claimed £1,250 per month in rent for a London flat, which he designated as his second home. Also claimed £350 for a sofa bed. Whilst laying on his taxpayer funded sofa bed he voted for 42 days and to keep the cushy 2nd home allowance, the cunt.

Dave Watts claimed for refurbishment to kitchen (£3,543), bathroom (£3,500) and £742 redecoration. Also claimed for £549 Philips LCD 26 in television. Voted to try an cover up MP's sleaze by protecting them from FOI requests, also likes ID cards and 42 days.

Derek Twigg moved his designated second home from constituency to flat near Parliament in 2004, now claims £1,343 a month in rent. Claimed £110 for an iron and radio in 2005, and £77 for same items two years later. Derek also gets a boner from ID cards, covering up FOI requests and being a hoon's hoon.

Paul Truswell stays in hotels in London while at Westminster, usually paying £119 for a room, also claimed for £4.95 packets of nuts from the minibar. In 2007-08, claimed £2,255 for food and £18 for laundry. He also loves Che.

Jon Trickett claimed £761.68 per month in mortgage interest payments for a second home in London. Also claimed for food, utilities and council tax. Also loves Fidel, ID cards and 42 days.

Paddy Tipping claimed mortgage interest payments of about £500 per month on a flat in London. He also loves ID cards and 42 days.

Gerry Sutcliffe claims for mortgage interest on constituency home in Bingley. Claimed £3,790 for fitted bedroom, £2,616 for new gutters and sofit boards, and £1,745 for two sofas. He also has a problem with FoI requests, loves ID cards and suchlike.

Last on this cunny list is Helen Southworth, claims rent on second home in London, which she shares with fellow MP Christine Russell. Claimed £709 for a television, £259 for an air conditioning unit and £239 for a Dyson cleaner. Nice work if you can get it.

2 people have spoken:

subrosa said...

Do you know I've only ever heard of one of these MPs. What do these anonymous people do other than take huge salaries and turn up now and again as lobby fodder?

Fidothedog said...

Most of them - judging by voting records -are nothing more than rubber stamps.