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Albert Owen MP for Ynys Môn.

Albert Owen, Ynys Môn MP: designated second home in London and claimed monthly mortgage interest of £1,288 in August 2007. Claimed £629 for a Sony television, £73 for painting and decorating and £89 for cutlery.

Spent £11,830 on food in four years, his receipts reveal. The claims vary from £60 during the summer recess to £395.

Most submissions are made up from mortgage interest costs on his London home, which come to around £1,200 a month in the most recent claims, as well as utility bills at about £30 a month and council tax costs.

Oh and an electric fan costing £88

He bleats in his defence "I certainly haven’t been claiming for moat cleaning or anything like that.", no but £11,830 on food in four years!

Oink, oink, oink.

**Albert also voted for 42 days and signed an EDM fawning over mass murderer Che and is a fanboy of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

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