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Parmjit Dhanda MP - taxpayer funded cleaning, hoover and furniture.

Parmjit Dhanda had the fees office cut monthly mortgage claim from £750 to £690 in first three months of 2005 to make sure only the mortgage interest was paid. Claimed £499 sideboard from Next, £2,878 in furniture.

As well as interest on his mortgage, utility and phone bills, and council tax Mr Dhanda claimed £398 for cutlery and £199 for two bed headboards in March 2007.

The month before he claimed £849 for a table and chairs and £59 for a side desk.

Other significant claims included £1,323 in March 2008 for repairs to damaged flooring and £1,148 this January for the installation of a shower and repairs to his bathroom.

£189 on a vacuum cleaner as well as regular payments for a cleaner, not sure if this is Gordon Brown style employ a relative as a cleaner operation here?

He often claims £300 in food via the MP food allowance, no using his £64K a year to pay for food himself.

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