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Cyclops did not save the World, or the banks.

Hat tip to Subrosa for pointing out that the mono eye'd one did not save the World, the banks or anything else.

City investment banks have sent the Treasury a £9m bill for advice on the financial crisis.

Four City investment banks have charged the Treasury at least £9m in fees for advising the Westminster government on how to stop the financial system from imploding. In addition UK Financial Investments, the body set up to handle the government's bailed-out bank share, spent £1.2m of taxpapyers' money in the first five months of operation. It is believed that most of the money was spent on salaries for the handful of officials who operate UKFI, which is designed to be at arm's length from the government although it uses rooms within the Treasury as its headquarters.
So the cunt sets up the piss poor FSA, that could not regulate a bowel movement.
Encouraged a huge mother fucking credit boom based on credit, the myth of ever expanding house prices and easy credit; whilst ignoring economic realities like our need to actually have an industrial base.
Then has to get in bankers to sort out his own mess, what a total an utter fucking cunt.

3 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

he really is a turd floating on the pool of life, isnt he? cunt.

subrosa said...

You put it all so much more eloquently than me LV. Thanks for the h/t :)

Fidothedog said...

subrosa, he reminds me of a manager who I once had the dubious pleasure of working for.

The hoon figured he knew it all, could fix it all and when a server in work fucked up he decided to "fix it".

Needless to say, he fucked the server even more than it already way, cost the company a packet!

He was fired an the daft fuck even tried for unfair dismissal.

He lost!