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Gordon needs to listen, but he won't. His ability to listen has vanished like his eye.

The BNP have landed two seats in Europe and Labour are not happy about it, yet still seem to be totally unaware of how it happened.

So let me give them some clues:

First off your MP's need to start - yes I know after 12 years it may be a bit late - to listen to what the public are saying and actually engage with them.
The constant production of yet more tractorstats on what ever subject is being debated just won't do. Seriously when people quote concerns about crime and see the street lights not working, gangs of kids hanging about engaging in petty crime and the local police station is only open one day a week! Telling them about billions being spent on grand programs, plus a few PCSO's wandering about during daylight hours just don't cut it.

I have had that myself from MP's, a comment on an "interactive" MP site, not answered by the MP, other MP's censoring comments like they are the editor on Pravda back in Soviet days.

Even writing to an MP on an issue is not much good. Recently I wrote to one as did a few other people regards pubs closures. We all received the same stock letters back. Seriously they call that debate?!
Next up, take some responsibility. Blaming this on low voter turnout, protest votes, it all being down to MP's being grasping hoons with their hands in the taxpayers till is utter crap.
People are fed up with politicians getting a bloody nose then not seeing why they got a bloody nose in the first place. Then they promise to change, hell if they can't keep their election pledge on a vote on Europe why should people trust Labour?

People are concerned in a time of recession about an open door policy that lets EU nationals in. They are also annoyed with their councils/MP's won't debate that elephant in the room and play the race card on anyone who mentions it. Just look at the number of times that is used with regards debate on traveller camps.
Labour have utterly failed on immigration and seem to - like in many other areas and like other parties as well - to be burying their head in the sand on this issue.
All we have had recently is an annoucement about tightening up skilled migrants, the very people that this land actually needs. Doctors and highly trained folk are needed, especially as investment in training over here seems to be rather poor.

The deportation system is an utter shambles and attempts to set up by this government yet more databases will not help in any way. With illegal workers, who by their very nature work below the radar as it were, any information they give is likely to be from a forged/bogus ID and therefore of no use to any database.
Political correctness, a giant mill stone that if Labour don't remove it will drag them down and cost them MP's come election time.
We have this stange PC need on the part of government/councils to add to the strange collection of languages that fill up council sites, signs outside council offices. Last time I looked, my local council in Wales was only obliged to put up signs in English/Welsh the native languages of this land.
Or how about one David Miliband as an example, when people are losing jobs and homes and see their taxes going up. Dave flies a jet over to pick up an illegal migrant held in Club Gitmo, a chap who had no ties to this land, where we had no obligation to take him, yet here he is.

Shame he was not so dynamic and fast acting when a woman was held in the Sudan over the naming of a Teddy bear Mohammed!

Then we also need the looney tune clerics need to cleared out. Any who promote the worst aspects of Sharia law should be removed from the UK and subject to the same hate speech laws which Labour seem so fond of imposing on everyone else.

Next up it should be made very clear that our justice system - as flawed as it is, seemingly unable to haul thieving MP's up before a justice - is our system. That Sharia law will not and should not be encouraged as some offshoot branch of our legal system.

Then we have the newspeak that even the politicians use. Anti-Islamic activity, a mealy mouthed term for what was known as terrorism. If even the politicians can not say what they mean, how can they deliver results in tackling it?
Look it is quite simple, if some God botherer blows someone up, that makes that a terrorist, not an insurgent or freedom fighter but a total barking loon. No matter what mythical sky pixie the loon is question claims to be following.
I will add that most sky pixie followers who blow or otherwise engage in terrorism, just so happen to follow one called Allah.

Will Labour tackle what the people want them to tackle, the creeping PC culture, the infringment on age old rights of free speech and reduce the influx of migrants? Not likely.

We have a party in Government, with no councils under its control, whos ministers seem able to pick their own jobs, who resign when they choose, do as they choose.

So come election day, if Labour won't deliver people will turn to parties who offer answers. Labour won't even raise the question, yet alone answer the questions; all they can do is play the same race card they have played for the last 12 years.

Come the new Parliment, we may even see a few BNP MP's. No point the brothers and sisters of Labour complaining then, they should instead cast the blame to the one man who failed to act now. Point the blame to the unelected PM Gordon Brown.

When Labour was set up it was as a populist movement to oppose the ruling elite that were not listening to the working man. How strange that they have in such a short time become the very people they were set up to oppose.

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Old Bag said...

you got that right deary...if gordoom wants someone to blame for all the shit storm surrounding the BNP, he only has to look at himself and his gestapo..they brought all this upon themselves, the incompetant cunts. ..trying to be all "touchy, feely" and PC just doesnt fucking work when you got every waif and raghead flooding the country..things need to be said and done, and tough fucking shit if the raheaded god botherers dont like it. they can fuck off, all of them..and take cyclops with them.

Fidothedog said...

Aye, had they handled the terrorists better the BNP would have picked up fewer votes.

Then again had they handled anything better the other parties would have picked up fewer votes.

Anonymous said...