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David Blunkett hit by cow. Bet he did not see that coming.

Well this cheered me the fuck up, from the super soaraway Scum.

FORMER Home Secretary David Blunkett suffered a broken rib when he was flattened by a stampeding COW.

The blind Labour MP was out walking on his 62nd birthday when an enraged herd of cattle charged towards his guide-dog Sadie.

Mr Blunkett tried desperately to protect his beloved labrador cross — but stumbled to the ground as the one-ton cow tumbled over him.

The politician yesterday said it was “a miracle” he wasn’t KILLED in Derbyshire’s Peak District National Park on Saturday.

Miracle is not the word I would use.

And he joked: “I know the public are furious with politicians, but I didn’t realise the anger has spread to Britain’s cow population too.

“A few more inches and Labour would have been facing another unwelcome by-election in my Sheffield constituency.”

Well done that cow, it deserves not to end up on the dinner plate for that attempt to clean up politics.

3 people have spoken:

alf stone said...

Surely it couldn't have been one the "cows" stampeding to leave Gordon's Government.

Old Bag said...

i wanna know what that uber CUNT jackboots was doing chasing blunkett...

Fidothedog said...

Broken rib is good, neck would have been better.