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Donnie Guthrie doesn't really grasp the concept of free speech.

Donna Guthrie, of 'Unite against Facism', was trying on BBC Pravda, to explain why it was ok for her people to disrupt the BNP's press conference today.

Why throwing eggs and the prevention of free speech, was a good thing:

"We don't believe in free speech - for facists"

Right, so no classic view of "I disagree with what you say, but defend your right to say it."

The best way to destroy any viewpoint is to listen to it, then take it apart. Still thats one view, maybe one that Unite could and would call facist.

You see, should you attack or attempt to attack a political opponent, attempt to deny them freedom of speech, the same freedom of speech that you would demand in a democracy then that makes you as much or even more of a facist than the person being attacked.

So who defines who is a facist? Well I guess Unite do. No debate, what is this a democracy!

I guess one could argue with them, but I think it would end in being called a facist and having eggs thrown....

6 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

The only fascists I saw were those who were against a legal party , voted into power in a legal vote conducting a legal press conference.
Just finished watching the UAF leader on c4 news , completly confirmed that he was a fascist bully boy.
If you don`t like the bnp then stand against them and argue your view to the electorat.
we used to be a democraey !!

Anonymous said...

I make it 3-0 to the BNP at the moment!

1. The electorate has listed to the BNP message and enough of them have liked what they've heard to vote the party into a position of power.
2. Margaret Hodge was torn to shreds by the BNP MEP on last night's Channel 4 news. She had no idea and spouted lies and half truths that were easily batted into the rough by the BNP representative.
3. Those fucking loonies today basically attacking elected officials of this country! Where were the police? It is also alleged that Russian TV tipped off the loonies about the press conference, probably with the expectation of making it a "better story".

I'd like to hear what the BNP elected member have to say and then I'd like to see our other elected officials putting up to prove their allegations against the BNP. Is that too much to ask? Or do the main stream parties fear how the message of the BNP may touch more and more voters?

As for these loony protesters... well we have laws to deal with race relations and such things. They really don't need to resort to violent acts against people with an opposing viewpoint. Time to grow up people and win your argument through legitimate protest, debate and at the ballot box.

Anonymous said...

Find out who this slag is!

We know shes 38, a red, a negro, an anti-democrat, an idiot and a compulsive LIAR!

I'm currently scanning redwatch for someone fitting that description!

Bertie Humbug's Ranto-O-Matic said...

I think the previous comment should be deleted. I am against much PC-ness but abusive racial epithets are out of order. There will be many black people who will think the anti-democratic fascists preventing a legal press conference were just that.
As to this event today, Fido has beaten me to blogging on it.

My question is - where were the Cops? College Green must have a thousand CCTV cameras on it.

Could it be that the BNP are considered a legit target by a Police hierarchy robbed of principle by a decade of corrupt Labour Government?

Fidothedog said...

Bertie, I don't bother deleting comments be they good or bad. See if I did that there would be no difference between me an say Paul Flynn, Tom Harris or even Iain Dale who love the old censoring stick.

As for the plod question, well motorists won't nick themselves.

Anonymous said...

What about the C4 news last night? Simon Hughes of the Lib Dems spoke with a deal of good sense and a measured tone in relation to dealing with the BNP, contrasted with the loony's spokesman ranting and raving like a crazed lunatic. No wonder they have to resort to violence and law breaking to get their message across as complete codswallup comes out when they open their mouth.

Now I'm not implying anything and certainly not that this is anywhere near the case, but if I was asked to imagine a stereotype for a kiddie fiddler then he would look somewhat like a certain anti-fascist loony group spokesman!