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The New Labour cabinet.

Shall we have a closer look at them all? All the stories are from the Telegraph and link back to the assorted stories on expenses.

Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service
  • The Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP - Gordon Brown's house swap let the PM claim thousands, oh and then the story about his cleaning arrangements with his brother.
Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy Seal; Minister for Women and Equality
  • The Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP - Harriet Harman hired Scarlett MccGwire for “consultancy” services on the public purse. Claimed for party political propaganda. Bought expensivegadgets.Claimed for party political propaganda
First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and Lord President of the Council
  • The Rt Hon Lord Mandelson billed taxpayers almost £3,000 for work carried out on his constituency home in Hartlepool less than a week after he announced his decision to stand down as an MP. The Business Secretary renovated the terrace house in 2004 before selling it and making a profit of £136,000.
Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • The Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP - Alistair Darling billed us for two homes at the same time by claiming parliamentary expenses for a flat that he let to tenants while also claiming living allowances for his grace and favour home in Downing Street. It had previously emerged that Mr Darling's stamp duty was paid by the public. Claimed the costs of accountancy advice using expenses intended to fund their parliamentary and constituency offices and claimed four different properties as his second home in as many years.
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor
The Rt Hon Jack Straw MP - Jack Straw only paid half the amount of council tax that he claimed on his parliamentary allowances over four years but later rectified the over-claim. Used his office expenses to pay for a degree studied by a member of his staff

Secretary of State for the Home Department
  • The Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP - Alan Johnson claimed just £43,596 for his second home in 2004-8
Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
  • The Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP - Hilary Benn claimed only £42,113 on his second homes allowance in four years. Faces questions over party funding after it emerged he paid rent to the Labour Party from expenses. Claimed for party political propaganda
Secretary of State for International Development
  • The Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP - Douglas Alexander spent more than £30,000 doing up his constituency home – which then suffered damage in a house fire. Claimed the cost of hiring a“media trainer” on his office expenses. Spent taxpayers’ money on advertising at football and rugby league matches.
Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
  • The Rt Hon John Denham MP - John Denham claimed regular monthly mortgage interest of £1,284 in 2006. Claimed £2,792 to damp proof bathroom wall in 2007.
Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families
  • The Rt Hon Ed Balls MP - Ed Balls and wife Yvette Cooper “flipped” the designation of their second home to three different properties within two years. Balls , the Schools Secretary, also attempted to claim £33 for poppy wreaths.
Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change
Secretary of State for Health
  • The Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP - Andy Burnham had an eight-month battle with the fees office after making a single expenses claim for more than £16,500. Mr Burnham, the Cutlure Secretary, avoided paying tax on a £16,600 property windfall. Claimed for party political propaganda
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
  • The Rt Hon Shaun Woodward MP - Shaun Woodward received £100,000 to help pay mortgage
Leader of the House of Lords and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
  • The Rt Hon Baroness Royall of Blaisdon - Who stated on the news that "Peers don't get paid so they are free to do consultancy work." - When they are £330 just for turning up and signing in!
Minister for the Cabinet Office, and for the Olympics and Paymaster General
  • The Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP - Tessa Jowell is not eligible to claim for the second home allowance as an inner London MP, but receives the London Supplement, which was £2,812 last year
Secretary of State for Scotland
  • The Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP - Jim Murphy: nominates his constituency home in Glasgow as second home, where he claimed £780 a month mortgage interest payments in 2007-08. Also claimed £4,884 for bathroom renovation from B&Q but paid £3,499 back into allowance
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions
  • The Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP - The Rt Hon Ed Balls MP - Ed Balls and wife Yvette Cooper “flipped” the designation of their second home to three different properties within two years. Balls , the Schools Secretary, also attempted to claim £33 for poppy wreaths.
Chief Secretary to the Treasury
  • The Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP - Liam Byrne claimed between £1,300 and £2,300 a month rent for various London flats, along with monthly grocery bills and other charges
Secretary of State for Wales
  • The Rt Hon Peter Hain MP - Peter Hain asked if he could claim on two mortgages for homes in his constituency. He also charged the cost of a new tin roof for his “log store” to the taxpayer.
Secretary of State for Defence
  • The Rt Hon Bob Ainsworth MP - Bob Ainsworth claimed nearly £6,000 for the redecoration of his designated second home
Secretary of State for Transport
Lord Adonis - Nothing as yet.

Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
  • The Rt Hon Ben Bradshaw MP - Ben Bradshaw used his allowance to pay the mortgage interest on a flat he owned jointly with his boyfriend
Going to clean up politics Gordon, best start with yourself and the rest of this shower.

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