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Gorbals Mick claims he could have survived as speaker.

Not a chance due to his being a weapons grade grasping cunt.

So lets see why he is such a cunt shall we, first up:

£17,300 to hide MPs expenses from us- "A committee run by the Speaker of the Commons squandered more than £17,000 of taxpayers' money on barristers in an attempt to keep MPs' travel expenses secret. The House of Commons Commission - chaired by Michael Martin - spent two years trying to keep MPs' car, train and plane claims, which ran into millions of pounds, from the public. It forked out nearly £17,300 on lawyers and barristers to challenge a ruling by Information Commissioner Richard Thomas that taxpayers had a right to know much public money was being spent on politicians' travel." (Mail 11.8.07)

Or maybe this?
The Commons Speaker Michael Martin was criticised last night for spending £21,516 of taxpayers' money on lawyers. Mr Martin employed libel firm Carter-Ruck for three months following unflattering newspaper reports questioning his impartiality and conduct.
Or this one
Michael Martin, the House of Commons Speaker, faced a fresh storm over his expenses last night after it emerged that he used air miles earned on official business to fly relatives from Glasgow to London over new year.
Oh and his wife billing the taxpayer for her taxis:
The trip fell in a period when Martin's use of taxpayers' money was already under attack, amid reports that his wife had clocked up a bill of £4,000 taking taxis to do the shopping for official functions.
Then we also have this car related story:
Senior Labour figures are quietly using £60,000 gas-guzzlers to whisk them around in comfort – despite claims that politicians have switched to smaller, cheaper models that are less damaging to the environment.

Among the prominent politicians using the secret luxury car service is the Speaker Michael Martin and his wife Mary, who travel regularly in top-ofthe- range Mercedes and Jaguars.
Mr Martin spent more than £1,400 with a Scottish chauffeur hire company in 2004-05. He used it on 12 occasions.

The claims show that on July 23 2004 Mr Martin took a chauffeur-driven car to Springburn Job Centre. The charge for the eight-hour day was £173.90 for a 40-mile round-trip.
House of Commons Speaker Michael Martin has claimed up to £75,000 "expenses" to run a second home with NO mortgage... while living FREE in a stately London palace.
And in these hard times he found few friends with the news that he had won the right to a taxpayer-funded, index-linked pension worth close to £1.4mconsisting of half his MP's salary and half his Speaker's salary, inflation-adjusted until his death.

Fuck off Martin, oh and don't let the door hit your wifes fat arse on the way out.


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