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Live in Soviet Britain under Comrade Brown: Take down your missing cat posters or face a £75 fine.

It used to be that councils were there to sort out the rates and empty bins, now they see themselves as our masters not employees that we pay for:

A pensioner was threatened with a £75 fine for putting up posters of her missing cat.

When Sarah Sear, 63, received a phone call in response she thought it would be to give her the news that her beloved Siamese Alfie had been found.

Instead the caller said he was from the council and that he would send someone round to enforce the fine for flyposting if Mrs Sear did not take down the posters.

The pensioner, from Worthing, West Sussex, was left so upset by the call that she has taken down most of the posters - reducing the chances of finding her cat.

She said yesterday: 'He said to me, "My boss will not be happy if he sees the posters".

'I was absolutely flabbergasted. At first, I thought it was a joke. I was absolutely beside myself as he was making me feel as though I had done something really terrible.'

The call from the Worthing Borough Council worker came after Mrs Sear had stuck about 20 posters on to nearby phone boxes, trees and lampposts following her cat's disappearance three weeks ago.

Scum, utter scum. We need to cull the numbers of non job bean counters employed at huge expense in both councils and government.

3 people have spoken:

banned said...

We only have ourselves to blame, will we vote out their masters , OUR servants, the politicians ?

Adrian P said...

It doesn't matter who you vote for, the Bilderbergers always get in.

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Fidothedog said...

Councils need to be culled back, basic services and thats it.