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Jackboot Jacqui Smith steps down as Home Economics Sec.

So Jackboot is on the way out. 
There is nothing I would rather do than never cover this bloody awful woman ever again, well except to cheer her death. Hopefully something involving being multiple organ failure, slow death and possible buggery by a bunch of illegals all of whom formerly worked as security guards at the Home Office.
Although I am sure her being sued by an American shock jock she stuck on a list of "undesirables" will provide some amusement, maybe Geert Wilders will offer her some support? No maybe not. 
We can also hope that the police - who she also pissed off re their recent pay deal amongst other things - take an interest in her many weird and wonderful expenses. No I am not talking about the 88p bath plug here. 

The joy of seeing her have to report to a police station to give her DNA would be a wonderful sight to behold, along with listening to a high court judge lambaste her a length before stating that she is deserving of a lengthy prison term for her many crimes.
Be seeing you in court soon Jacqui.....

One interesting point as Cyclops as been wittering on about cleaning up politics, has been talking of reform and people leaving for a while. No doubt after the disaster that will be the Euro elections he will do his re-shuffle and then announce/imply she was forced out the door as a result.

Now according to Jackboot she stated she had informed him she was getting her coat an P45 2 months ago. 

She beat him to the announcement and in short she cut his legs out from under him. Taking away any claim from him of being on the ball and getting rid of bad ministers.

Oh lastly, do leave our Jackboot a message: http://www.dearjacqui.co.uk/

5 people have spoken:

The Local Malcontent said...

Good news!
Now take out the rest of that nest of vipers Thursday in your elections, Dogster~!

May be wrong, but I believe you and other Brit bloggers who've targeted this expense scandal should take a bit of the credit bringing Great Britain back into line.
Well done.

Fidothedog said...

The populace is revolting, pitchforks and voting papers at the ready they seek justice.

Anonymous said...

She should be made to walk through Camberwell and Peckham wearing just a stab proof vest.
What a vile woman.

wyvern said...

Fido, a little song for you.

Old Bag said...

anon: a stab proof vest is too good for jackboot and her ilk..just give them a rubber spoon and let them get on with it.