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Beverley Hughes - Sod loyalty I'm off.

Right you are love, we believe you honest.She claimed her departure had nothing to do with the ongoing MPs' expenses scandal.

"I want to make it absolutely clear that this has nothing whatsoever to do with my decision or the reason for making it public now."

The Telegraph disclosed how Ms Hughes rented a second home in London where she claimed £801.60 for re-upholstering furniture, £718 for a chair and £435 for curtains and bedding.

Now I remember the days when the "family" excuse was doled out when some MP was caught pants down in Burmese knocking shop, or when the Sunday papers ran the "My 30 second sex fiasco with MP" - Followed by a curt statement by the MP's wife stating its a "private matter".

Still resigning now saves the humiliation of a crushing defeat at the polls come election day.

Some previous on Bev:champagne socialist piggys

Naturally her pension and perks may be legal but she like all MP's should be stripped of them, made to pay back every penny stolen over the years.

Court of public opinion anyone, now where have I heard that phrase before....


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