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Labour MP Greg Pope has regrets over being caught.

From the Accrington Observer
HYNDBURN MP Greg Pope claimed expenses for a £1,590 shopping spree in John Lewis and £560 for two abstract paintings for his home, it has been revealed.

The Labour backbencher this week expressed his "regret" over the purchases; in his Observer column he apologises to Hyndburn taxpayers for the expenses scandal.

His expenses were revealed in the national Sunday Telegraph newspaper as part of its ongoing coverage of MPs’ expenses.

In March 2006, Mr Pope claimed £1,590 for a shopping spree in John Lewis which included a flat screen TV, linen, crockery and other household goods.

And in September 2006, the MP claimed £560 for two paintings.

He claimed £22,211 for his London second home between 2007-08, according to the national newspaper.
Mr Pope, who earns £64,766 a year, said: "As soon as I bought the paintings I realised I made a mistake and started the process to repay the money I had claimed.

Er, you what. So lets see when did this regret start exactly. When you took public money to feather your nest, or when it was shown to the public in The Telegraph?

"I moved my second property about three years ago and the items from John Lewis were for that home. I realise this announcement looks terrible especially in the current recession but, like many others have said, I haven’t broken the rules; the fund is there to help you pay for furniture for your second home.

Look you odious little cunt Greg, you really don't get it do you. People take out loans to furnish their homes, people make weekly payments to have the sofa, telly and other stuff. They cut back, save and struggle to get the stuff. Yet, you and 646 other cunts, get into power and go "Fucking ace!" free stuff. Except its not free, its from money stolen from us via the tax system.

Then you sit there a smug cunting grin on your face like some rent boy who has just sucked off a Lib Dem MP and has a story to sell to the Sunday papers and bleat "I haven’t broken the rules". You utter, utter fucking cunt.
I regret buying all those items and I can assure you I would have released this information with my other expense claims before the House of Commons intends to do so in a month."
Well thats fine then, tell you what Greg, you go jump off a tall building or otherwise do yourself in an we shall call it quits.

Oh and if you can have a few dozen MP's from your benches die with you when ya go all the fucking better you cunt.

4 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

They say the pen is mightier than the sword so why ain't all our blogging getting us anywhere, perhaps the swine flu will wipe out all the troughers for us.

Fidothedog said...

We can but hope, if ever there was a bunch of pigs in need of culling it is the 646 Rt Hon. members.

JSW said...
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JSW said...

What a shame that the Daily Telegraph wrote such a bland piece about Pope standing down at the next election. Not a word about this odious little twat's snout in the trough, fleecing the taxpayer for every penny he could get...