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Labour MP says: "We are on a trajectory that could lead to political Armageddon."

From Paul Flynn, a quote of the day:
The 'plot' is dead. Fear of p45s in a few months time ruled. We are on a trajectory that could lead to political Armageddon. His speech promised that he is now going to listen. Most people in the room believed him.

Oh dear.
Even Newports dire MP gets it.

So losing all their councils, coming in behind a monster raving looney candidate could not convince them they have a problem.

Neither could the low turnout, them losing MEP's, coming behind a Cornish independance candidate. Even their supposed hatred of all things BNP could not prick their champagne socialist greed into changing leader.

They are fucked, even Flynn realises it. Odds on he is booking his place in the nursing home right now.

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