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Shahid Malik: An Ali Baba back in with the 40 thieves.

The now former Justice Minister who claims to be "“one million per cent by the book” has shown himself to be nothing more than a thieving Ali Baba.

He has forgotten the words of the Koran “Honesty brings about security and lying fosters doubts.”

From the Telegraph: Shahid Malik claimed £66,000 on his second property while paying less than £100 a week for his main house. He has resigned as justice minister pending an investigation.

But of course he was gone, but not for long as The Mail reports:

A Labour minister who was forced to resign over his expenses will return to the Government in the reshuffle.

Shahid Malik will be back on the Government payroll weeks after stepping down while Parliament's sleaze watchdog investigated his living costs.

Government sources said Mr Malik has been cleared of any wrongdoing but will repay £730 of taxpayers' money which he blew on a massage chair.

The former Justice minister will not fill his old job.

Of course this an investigation by fellow thieves, fellow robbers of the public purse, the fellow inept lying scum who will be drummed out of power.

Not a proper investigation by the authorities, you know the police who would investigate us over dubious claims.

I called him an Ali Baba here

Mr Malik’s arrangement means he pays below market rent for his main home while billing taxpayers thousands for his second home in London. His second home claims have included £2,600 for a home cinema system — which was cut in half by officials — and £65 for a court summons for not paying council tax.

Neither Mr Malik nor Mr Zaman would say last night whether they had signed a formal agreement for the lease of the constituency house, although Mr Zaman said the rent was below the market rate. The landlord’s wife said the house appeared to be occupied by a constituency worker during the week.
The case of Mr Malik’s expenses illustrates the potential problems of an MP being able to nominate what appears to be the family home as his second home, enabling him to claim tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money.

Mr Malik’s arrangements relating to his constituency home will also raise questions as to whether a minister could be beholden to a businessman who offers him discounted rent. Mr Zaman lives next door to Mr Malik’s home in Dewsbury. Mr Zaman and Mr Malik also have a rental agreement relating to the constituency office in a nearby shopping parade. Mr Malik claims for the cost of renting his office from parliamentary office allowances.


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