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Life in Soviet Britain under comrade Brown: Public sector binmen bully family.

Yet more state employees using their power to bully the public.
All she had done was give them a ticking off for leaving a wheelie bin on her doorstep.

But so incensed were the binmen by Emma Harper's mild complaint that it seems they exacted a cruel revenge.

Every week for the past year, Mrs Harper has woken to find her drive barricaded by up to 15 wheelie bins.

Last night, Coventry council apologised for the inconvenience and vowed to 'supervise' the binmen to make sure they behave. 'Mrs Harper's drive should not be completely blocked,' a spokesman said.

'The road itself has a number of double driveways which makes it difficult to avoid blocking drives in some way or to block the entire path.

'It is untrue that refuse collectors cannot move bins - it is absolutely necessary for them to be able to do their job.

'We also refute suggestions Mrs Harper is victim of some kind of prank on behalf of the collectors and we plan to meet with Mrs Harper to sort out the problem.'

Sack the fuckers, put the bins out to private tender, then close down the council and make them all re-apply for their jobs.

2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

cunts. can you believe that the bin nazis' here in bristol has just gone back to work after being on strike?..they wanted more money for doing a job a retarded babboon could do!..AND they got paid a bonus for going out and collecting crap they didnt collect whilist striking!!..i mean, seriously, WTFUCKETY FUCK is that about?

Fidothedog said...

Blackmail of the public is the score, pays well. Just look at MP's.