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Life in Soviet Britain under comrade Brown: Covering up Shahid "Ali Baba" Malik's expenses

Well this promise to clean up politics, open government and the one eye'd leopard changing its spots did not last long....

Gordon Brown has been accused of suppressing a report of an investigation into whether the minister Shahid Malik broke the rules over parliamentary expenses, despite a promise to bring in a new era of "transparency" in politics.

Mr Brown was accused of "falling at the first hurdle" in his efforts to reform Westminster by refusing to release the full report of an inquiry into Mr Malik's affairs.
Sir Christopher Kelly, the chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life, said last night the report should be published.

Yesterday Mr Brown reappointed Mr Malik as a minister, giving him a job in the Department of Communities and Local Government. Announcing the appointment, Downing Street said a report by Sir Philip cleared Mr Malik of any wrongdoing over his arrangement with Mr Zaman, who was once fined for letting an "uninhabitable" home.

Mr Zaman claimed that the tenants were already in occupation when he took over the property.

However, Mr Brown has refused to approve the release of Sir Philip's report. The refusal threatens to overshadow a Commons statement from the Prime Minister today about moves to clean up the Westminster expenses system.

Sir Christopher Kelly is reviewing MPs' expenses and all parties have agreed to accept his recommendations. Last night, he said that public anger over MPs' claims meant Mr Brown should publish reports from Sir Philip.

**Update the media seem to be picking up on this I give the Rt Hon. Ali Baba a week at the most, then he will declare himself 1000% innocent, all within the rules and give up his cabinet job.

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Old Bag said...

im waiting for the "iz it cuz i's black?" chustnut to be used...what a utter, utter hoon. string the cunt up! and string up that useless cunt broon too.

Fidothedog said...

Well has made the Islamophobia card a regular feature of his political career.