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Modern policing in Gwent.

Cynical Dragon has a few things to say on the dangers of taxis.

Policing in Gwent is a strange thing. It's nice to know their spending so much time cracking down on the real ills in society though.
A 12-hour police swoop on Newport taxi drivers resulted in nine vehicles being prohibited for defects and nine drivers reported for plying for hire in breach of their taxi licence.

Thirteen fixed penalty notices were issued for offences including speeding and not wearing a seatbelt, one driver reported for driving licence and insurance offences and one vehicle seized for no insurance.
So never mind the robbers, thieves and assorted dubious types. Far easier to tackle the dangers of taxi drivers, nice to see the council tax being wisely spent by the local plod!

Also this one.
A GWENT police officer accidentally fired a taser into his own hand, it has emerged.

The 33-year-old officer, from the firearms team, fired the taser during a testing session as part of the start of his tour of duty at police headquarters in late 2007.

The officer received treatment as the barb from the taser was stuck in his finger.

A taser shoots a barb allowing an electric current to immobilise the person who has been shot.
Sounds like the sort of person who could be a danger both to himself and others even if equipped with a pea shooter.

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