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Newport deserves better: Jessica Morden MP

New Labour rubber-stamp that has never voted against the Government, who was foisted on the people of Newport from an all women shortlist; as a reward for her work in removing Ron "badger" Davies.

She oversaw the show trial on the part of the party.

Jessica Morden claimed £1,068 a month in mortgage interest payments in 2007-08. In the same year put through claims of £1 for cleaning wipes, and £16.82 for pasting table and spoons

She also voted to fuck over the brave Gurkhas, she voted no for allowing them to stay in the UK. Despite them laying their lives down for this land. 

Strangely enough Jessica Morden also voted to save local post offices, yet voted with the government to close them. 

Worried about local votes? She should be.

Newport deserves better than a rubber stamp.

Popped a wee small comment in the local paper. Both MP's have a right of reply, unlike one I don't over moderate like Pravda on crack.


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