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Jacqui Smith is a cunt, oh and Michael Savage is suing her.

Our 2nd home fiddling, going for a kebab with a police escort, I would not like to walk the streets at night an dont have to, fat, lard arsed, slack jawed, inbred, bovine, slack uddered, porn film claiming, charge the taxpayers for her bathplug, the tedious Home Economics Sec. Jacqui Smith is being sued by Michael Savage.

Well done that man. I just love the thought that some "shock jock" from the US of A, almost unheard of here in the UK, has thanks to Jackboot not only been given a whole new audiance but is taking this tedious woman to court.

A Mr Weaver is also seeking to take this evil woman to court for her crimes.

All the while Jackboot keeps on lurching from crisis to crisis, getting ever more authoritarian and planning a stasi police force for the UK.

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Also on the kebab munching hoon, roll up for your kebab cards.  


2 people have spoken:

Old Bag said...

i for one, is endebted to mr savage!..anyone who sues this meglomaniac cunt is alright with me! go for the throat, savage!!..show the world just what a CUNT jackboots is!

Fidothedog said...

An I shall just add that Jackboot is a cunt, a total and utter cunt and nothing else but a cunt.