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Osama bin plod.

Now I think he looks a tad like him....
A Muslim police officer was told by his boss he looked like Osama Bin Laden because of his long beard, an employment tribunal heard.

Pc Tariq Dost has accused West Midlands Police and the police authority of racial and religious discrimination and victimisation following the remarks made to him from 2007.

Dost, from Small Heath, Birmingham, was working as a recruitment officer for the force when his manager Darren Yates is alleged to have made several discriminatory comments to him based on his race, beliefs and religion.

Giving evidence, Dost told the tribunal how Yates, who runs the recruitment office at the force HQ in Birmingham, pointed at him when looking at a picture of terrorist Bin Laden in a newspaper.

The tribunal also heard how Yates made remarks about the length of his beard on several occasions and also questioned why he tucked his trousers into his boots.

The tribunal continues, will Osama sorry PC Dost win a nice payout.

Odds on he will win a nice 6 figure sum methinks, just enough to buy himself few wives, an AK47, a herd of goats and luxury cave in the Tora Bora mountains.

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Anonymous said...

Considering we take over Tom, Dick and Ahmed without a shred of proof of identity he could really Osama.