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Recycle your waste say New Labour dictatorship.

From the Mail.
Every household will be forced to recycle their rubbish under new Government plans.

Those who fail to comply are likely to face £100 on-the-spot fines - rising to £1,000 for persistently flouting the law.(persistently in New Labour's cool Britannia means a 2nd offence)

Under the scheme, everyone will have to keep a kitchen slopbucket to hold their food waste and scraps.

The idea of councils charging bin taxes was killed off earlier this year by then Waste Minister Jane Kennedy.

But within hours of her resignation from Government yesterday, Environment Minister Hilary Benn announced a consultation on compulsory recycling.

He said: 'It's time for a new war on waste.' he announced a (very small) bulge in his trousers at the thought of pushing folk about with yet more petty rules.

The scheme follows four years of controversy over fortnightly collections, bin taxes and other Government efforts to enforce recycling and reduce the amount of refuse sent to landfill sites.

In one borough, householders failing to comply face £100 on-the-spot fines.

This compares with £80 fines for shoplifters who steal goods worth under £200.

In other areas, fines of up to £1,000 are imposed by courts on those who persist in breaking the rules. Doretta Cocks, of the Campaign for Weekly Waste Collections, said: 'They just are not getting the message.

'Who is going to police this system? It means bigger and bigger rubbish-police forces.

'How else are they going to work out if someone has put vegetable peelings in their wheelie bin?

'Taxpayers and council tax payers will be footing the bill. It's ridiculous.'

Tory communities spokesman Caroline Spelman said: 'More needs to be done to increase recycling.

'But Labour ministers' heavyhanded approach is all about forcing councils to cut rubbish collections, sneak in bin taxes and hit families with unfair fines.'

'Under the Government's plans, a convicted shoplifter will receive a smaller fine than a family home for making a minor mistake in putting out their household rubbish.

'Hard-pressed council taxpayers deserve much better than that.'

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