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Social engineering in Soviet Britain.

Well this comes as no real surprise what so ever. This case of experts deciding that a parent is too stupid' to keep their own child.

The mother has an IQ of 71. Okay, she will not be on Mastermind any time soon, but lets be fair compare that to some of the elected members of Parliament and it is rocket scientist material. Yes Mr Ed Balls I am making a remark about you.

I have known many people over the years with an IQ in that range, they keep the production lines moving, man the call centres, dig holes in the road for assorted utilities, work in shops, clean the offices and one of very low intellect is even the head of Lloyds Tsb. Yes Eric Daniels I mean you, you who fucked the share price from over £10 down to tuppence ha'penny or nearabout.

Still it shows the state of a society when rather than the experts helping those at the bottom of that society, instead see them as a latter day untermenschen who need to be controlled by the great and the good.  

The champagne swilling socialist engineers, who removed from all the "poor folk" in their exclusive areas, see it as their role to talk down to the plebs and proles from on high. 

Sadly it is those at the bottom who are increasingly falling fowl of the uber-state, as they lack both the money and knowledge of the law in order to fight for their rights.

Imagine the uproar if the state were to remove the children of a Rt. Hon. Member of Parliament.

2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Stupidity seems to be contagious here at the bottom end of the Social ladder. Perhaps this blog should be taken away from you.

subrosa said...

This case has me seething. I don't know if this would happen here in Scotland as we have different laws, but we have to ensure that everyone has the same right to be heard.