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Another day and another huge amount of taxpayer cash wasted: Half a million paid to foreign criminals.

The day that MP's all piss off for 80+ days leave with their rentboys, we find out from Home Sec. Postman Prat that Phil Woolas has handed over half a million quid in compensation to foreign criminals who he was a tad slow in deporting.

Half a fucking million paid out to criminals, thanks to the ineptitude of the UK Border Agency!

How difficult can it be. Scumbag serves time in jail, gets picked up by deportation folk. Call made to El cheapo airlines and a flight booked backed to Bongoland/Islamic Rep. of Ragheadistan.

Then stamp the passport marking them as an undesirable and throw them out of the UK.

It was him who attacked the ONS for pointing out that 1 in 9 of the population were born abroad. Which is exactly the sort of thing that the Office of National Statistics was created to do.

Oh and take a look at this one:From the Grauniad
Local Government Minister Phil Woolas admitted that he did not know the actual total being spent on translation, but insisted that it was far outweighed by the £1 billion being spent on teaching 1.8 million people to speak and write English.
Which raises the question if they do not speak English quite why the fuck are they here in the UK in the first place? Also should they not pay for their own education?

Has Phil been taking lessons on how to be shit at his job from Jacqui Smith?

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