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Barclays Bank pay customer £200,000 for mis-selling.

Yep its Barclays Bank again.

A man aged 91 has won almost £200,000 from Barclays after the bank admitted advising him to gamble his life savings on the stock market.

Isaac Price had held all of his money in savings accounts until he was visited in his care home in Llanrindod Wells, Wales, by a Barclays salesman in November 2007.

The decision to pay up represents a humiliating U-turn for the bank, which rejected Mr Price's complaint only months previously....

That would be the same Barclays that fucked up and had to go cap in hand to the Government for more taxpayers money, yet pays its boss 27 million.

That was raided for price fixing.

Anyway fuck 'em, I have since moved so send as many libel papers as you like Barclays.

Still well done to Isaac Price, lets hope he gets his cash put into another bank. Hell storing it under the mattress would be a safer bet than banking with those hoons.

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