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Our benefits system encourages illegal migrant savages.

Yet another failure on New Labours immigration policy, they want the illegals so they can give them an amnesty before the election and put a whole raft of New Labour voters on the books.

Migrants/Benefit seeking, council house wanting, crime committing illegal migrant savages massed in Calais in hopes of getting into Britain are mutilating their fingerprints so that their true identities cannot be established, it emerged today.

They burn their hands, or remove layers of skin to prevent analysis from being effective.
This means that data showing everything from criminal records to repeat attempts to claim asylum will not appear on European wide computers.

The sinister development was revealed by Calais prefect Gerard Gavory who said that at least 57 asylum seekers questioned in the port town over the past few weeks 'had their finger prints removed.'

New Labour letting them in to shore up the Labour vote. As well as free health care paid for the rest of us.

Oh and New Labour have also failed to close bogus colleges, despite talking tough for the last 12 years. He has no idea how many there are.

Then there was the New Labour, one million quid scheme to remove illegals that failed.Never mind that some of them could be war criminals.

Plus we have cases like this and this, even the judges dispair on deportation.


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