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So who do you believe on our troops?

Details from the journal of a Welsh Guards platoon commander who died in May after being injured in Afghanistan were published last night.

Lieutenant Mark Evison, 26, wrote: “I have a lack of radios, water, food and medical equipment. This, with manpower, is what these missions lack. It is disgraceful to send a platoon into a very dangerous area with two weeks’ water and food and one team medics’ pack. Injuries will be sustained which I will not be able to treat and deaths will occur which could have been stopped. We are walking on a tightrope and from what it seems here are likely to fall unless drastic measures are undertaken.”

On the other hand we have the inane gibberings of the snot munching PM, and all the others who have backed him over the last 12 years of constant defence cuts, their claims that all is well blah blah blah.

I know who I believe.


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banned said...

Lieutenant Mark Evison R.I.P., thank you for this last service to your country in exposing what conditions are like there.
It would be interesting to know how this came into the public domain.