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Brian Coleman shows he is a weapons grade cunny.

Brian Coleman, a London (Arse)embly member, has refused to open up his expenses to public scrutiny despite Boris' wishes.

He said: 'I won't do it voluntarily. It's none of the public's business. They have copied well without knowing this kind of detail for 75 years.

'They are not entitled to drool over our personal lives.

'I'm not going to help the mad, the bad and the sad, the bloggers on the internet. I'm not pandering to mob rule. It undermines democracy to suggest that all MPs, all politicians are the spawn of Beezlebub.

Read the full article here

Well never mind the last 75 years, we all pay his wages, we want to see he has not bought himself a new kitchen or covered his legal expenses in a libel case he could have easily avoided like my local MP Paul Flynn.

Methinks this fucker is going to change his mind very fucking quickly...


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