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New Labour filth hate social drinkers.

Some stats thanks to Dickpuddlecote

Like a drink in your local, do you? If so, Labour have declared war on your sort, you dirty anti-social bastards, you.

April 2008: Duty increased 6% above inflation.
Excise duty on alcohol is to rise by six percentage points above inflation from midnight on Sunday in a bold effort to curb Britain's steadily creeping drinking habit, the chancellor revealed today.
November 2008: Duty increased by 8%.
The pub trade was angered last night by the news that alcohol duty will rise by 8 per cent on Monday, offsetting the cut in VAT.
April 2009: Duty increased by 2% above RPI.
Chancellor Alistair Darling announced that the Government will go ahead with an increase in alcohol duty of 2 per cent.
Still to come: In January 2010, VAT will be increased by 2.5%.
There are at present no plans to reverse this increase when the VAT rates are increased from 1 January 2010.
You will become a tea total joyless cunny like the dour one eyed cunny in No.10.

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