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Clive Betts MP - A self pitying bleating fuckwit.

The Rt Hon. champagne swilling socialist just does not get it.

SHEFFIELD MP Clive Betts said last night there was "absolutely no wrongdoing" in any of his home transactions after a report over payments for the 'country estate' farmhouse where he lives.

He said he believed he had been subjected to scrutiny by a national newspaper because he was the MP who moved a resolution for an increase in homes entitlements for MPs in 2001.

Look Betts, its as simple as that so called socialist brain in your head. The voters, many of whom are now signing on thanks to your leaders policies are angry.

They -if they still lucky enough have a job to go to - do not get free stuff to fill their home with, neither to they get mortgage interest help on the second home, or a food allowance, travel allowance, or a huge sodding pension at the end; neither do they get the vast amounts of time off like yourself.

Neither are they able to claim these: £1,268 for carpets and £570 sofa bed; £689.99 for television; £1,433.50 on decoration; £1,220 on furniture; £1,135.20 on a bed. All claimed by one Clive Betts MP.

They also have to worry about paying utility bills, something that you make claims for.
Nice work if you can get it.

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banned said...

Clive Betts has clearly not been paying attention for the last 6 weeks or so.
Get your snout out of the trough and leave, now !