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Dr Alan Maryon-Davis is a New Labour cuntmonkey.(post 2)

Oh I do like this chap, not in a sit down an have a pint with him sort of way but more of a he has already done the post for me way.

The good Dr is on BBC Pravda, banging on about how the NHS is sacred and should not be cut.

He starts off with this:
My worry is that, if history is anything to go by, the first things for the chop will be preventive programmes such as stop smoking services, healthy eating initiatives, physical activity promotion, alcohol education projects, mental health work and safe sex drives.

These are all 'soft targets' for the axe-swingers.
Ah, that would be because they employ leagions of state nannys, jobsworths and pr consultants without delivering much in actual health benefits of financial return.

You see we have all the adverts telling us that one burger to many, one drink or God forbid an evil smoke on the demonic weed will kill us. Not a million miles from my abode was a poster warning of the evils of salt, true in excess it can be bad but is something that needs taxpayer funds pissed away on a poster campaign.

Yet people still do it, the NHS needs to get back to treating diseases, let people live as they see fit and fuck the fuck off out of nannying them.

I mocked this cuntmonkey before...Oh a belated hat tip to dickpuddlecote who also mocks him in fine style.

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